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How to Make Your Website More Mobile Friendly?

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A mobile-friendly website is inevitable for every business, brand, and company. Here are some of the best tips on how you can make your website more mobile-friendly.

1. Don’t Make Separate Websites

Many are the companies that try to have two versions of their websites; one for desktop users and second for mobile phone visitors. The research and studies show having two different websites yields no particular benefit. Rather you spend more than needed. So you must have a single website for desktop and phone users and make it mobile friendly with proper changes.

2. Use Responsive Designs

A lot of people get their websites built from naïve developers. There are a good number of ecommerce development Sydney, if you have a business there, and everywhere who have professional and skilled development teams. You should put this requirement in front of the developers that your website must have a responsive design in order to make visits, sale, purchase, and payment making easy for customers.

3. Make Information Look Easier

When it comes to a mobile-friendly website, there are hardly few sites. As a phone has a small screen and all information cannot be displayed so the owners need to play safe. They must use bigger fonts, clear information and important sections must be displayed in the mobile version of the websites. 

4. Use High-Resolution Images

Most of the time, information is shown through images on mobile websites. But the images when zoomed show poor quality text and it cannot be often read. This discourages and even annoys visitors. The images must be of great quality and should be purchased or taken from high-quality image websites. 

5. Use Videos on Site

Videos from relevant YouTube channels or your own created are helpful for the visitors. If you have a product or business that can confuse the readers, make it easy for their understanding by using videos. Create your own videos and upload them on relevant pages of the website. This makes users believe the website has a dedication to satisfying customers. 

6. Turn Autocorrect for Forms

If your website sells something, it will definitely require the customers to fill forms and provide their information. Never make specified options in forms as sometimes users just leave a site without filling because there was no relevant option. Moreover, autocorrect should be included while the users fill their forms. Make the purchase process very simple and easy.

7. Allow Switch Way to Desktop

Sometimes, a user wants to use the desktop version of the website on their phones. Include this feature so that anyone can switch from phone version to desktop. Hire a professional web development company in New York so that you get the best and desired results for your mobile-friendly websites.

8. Perform Regular Testing

This is the key to a perfect and bug-free website. You should have a team of developers consisting of digital marketing professional who continuously tests different versions, designs, themes, and styles on the website. They should also look for any possible issues and should immediately fix without making customers wait for hours or days.

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