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5 Web Design Trends That Are Forecasted to Flourish in 2019

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1. Apply Randomness

In 2019, randomness is in trend. Visual randomness is quite appealing when it comes to design a website. However, randomness should not exceed the limit as it can ruin the concept of visual appeal. To apply randomness with ‘balance’, you can place information blocks at random positions.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that you cannot use the approach of randomness to destroy some standard rules of web development. For instance, key information buttons should be placed on the left side of the page. So, do not overplay with the concept of randomness. You can apply this concept in terms of graphics. In this way, you can play with the size, shape, and place of images without hurting the usability of the overall design.

2. Use Geometric Shapes 

The usage of different graphical shapes will make your website more appealing visually and it is in the trend for next year too. Geometric shapes change the overall look of the website. However, the trend is not new. Originally, the trend was started in 2016 and is good it gained popularity day by day. Due to its popularity and overall pleasant look, the trend of using geometric shapes will be a common practice.

3. Use Bright Colors

It is a popular trend which has not lost its popularity and has been a trend for many years. If the flat design is well-developed, then the use of bright colors can make your website visually more attractive. In combination with a well-developed flat design, they visually make a website more expensive. You can select colors from the Google palette. In this way, you can pick the color quickly to create an efficient & intelligent background of your website. You can also use gradients for the background. However, you need be a bit more careful in this regard as excessive use of bright colors can convert freshness into visually teasing. So, use bright colors professionally to play with the colors tactfully.

4. Choose Distinctive Font

Gone are the days when it was advisable that you should use simple fonts. Now, the trend has been changed and you can use complex fonts for web design. Serif fonts and other complex fonts are in trend now. And this trend will continue the fame it has gained in 2019 too. In addition to complex fonts, you can also use variable letters to attract the users to read the content. Variable letters increase and decrease, gradually. They seem to be rhythmic, so they are visually more appealing. Web design Melbourne services are a good option for you if you are choosing to build a website according to the trends of 2019. 

5. Video Backgrounds

This one is our favorite and outstanding, without any doubt. Despite the fact, bright colors are in use and design should be minimalist, using a video background is an incredibly popular trend for 2019. Website development company Toronto can provide you with this service if you want.

Finally, you can consult with a full service internet marketing company to get an idea about the latest best practices on the web.

So, which one is your favorite or do you predict differently? Tell us in the comment section.

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