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5 Questions to Ask When Buying Furniture

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Changing furniture every year is not pretty much affordable. You change your furniture when it gets too old that you get bored of it or when it is in bad condition. In order to get your favorite set of furniture with desired quality, you need to ask the following questions from the furniture seller;

1. Is there any discount on this?

For instance, you like a set of sofas but it is a little bit out of your budget so there is no harm in asking if you can get that set at a better price. There are different schemes of every store for reducing the prices. Also, don’t feel shy in asking your retailer if there is an upcoming sale. By doing so, you can get your favorite set at the lowered price if there will be any sale coming up.

2. Can this set be customized?

There is a variety of customization available on every store. You can ask the seller if you can get your desired customization on your set. For example, if you like the style of a sofa set or a dining table set but its color and texture doesn’t match your interior then you can choose your matching fabric or color and ask them to replace it. Remember, many stores charge extra for customization. Don’t forget to ask your retailer if they charge extra or not.

It is a good question ask because even during usage, it gets old-looking, you would be able to get commercial upholstery repair shop for it.

3. What is the quality of furniture and how was it made?

You should never compromise on the quality of furniture. You are investing a good enough amount of money on a certain piece, so you should be assured about its quality by the salesperson. Ask the retailer about the materials used in its making and where was the piece manufactured. Always opt for the best quality piece otherwise you will have to pay so much for its maintenance later in future on things like upholstery custom cushions and repairs.

4. What is the guarantee of this piece?

Furniture that is of high quality comes with a warranty. Ask the seller if the piece you have selected has a warranty or not and if it does then for how long it would be valid. For instance, if your piece has a warranty of 1 year but if anything happens to the piece within the warranty time will be repaired or changed by the store for free. Also ask the seller that what things are covered by warranty for example, for a sofa set, some manufacturers cover the repairing or replacing of cushions and fabric only.

5. Is it pet and kid-friendly?

If you have children or pet in your house, then you should definitely ask this question from the retailer. Many stores have pieces that have stain-resistant fabric which will meet your lifestyle with kids and pets. Also ask about the durability that, does it have strong enough frame that will last long even if the kids climb and jump on it?

Buying a furniture that matches your lifestyle, interior and is within your budget is not a trouble-free task. You need to investigate carefully when you are spending a wholesome amount of money.

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