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How To Diaper Baby For Night

Merries diapers

If you are a first-time mother or have an infant, then you would surely know the agony of changing diapers. Babies cry when they get their diaper soiled or soaked due to the uncomfortable feeling. So, it is important to change the diaper immediately after it gets dirty.

However, it gets difficult at nighttime as the sleep gets disturbed of you and your baby and there are chances that your baby becomes fully awake in the middle of the night after getting into a fresh diaper. If you choose not to change your baby’s diaper throughout the night then the urine and poop will constantly be in contact with the baby’s delicate skin and cause redness and itchy rashes which are painful for the baby. Also, pooped diapers should be changed immediately as they might cause an infection. Below are some helpful tips for you on how to change your baby’s diaper at night.

1. Keep the Sounds Low

Babies have a tendency to become fully awake if they are disturbed in their sleep and if they become awake in the middle of the night, then you surely will not be able to sleep. To avoid your baby becoming awake while changing the diaper at night, keep the sounds at bay and change the diaper without making any noise or even any sort of eye contact with the baby. Even if you smile or talk to them softly, your baby will become awake and will want to play with you.

2. Keep the Lights Dim

Babies will become awake in lights, so make sure you just turn on a small night lamp with dim light. There are many chances that the baby will become fresh in more lights.

3. Establish a Proper Nighttime Routine

Make sure to change your baby’s diaper just before he or she goes to sleep so that the diaper is dry for a longer period of time.

4. Use Extra Absorbent Diapers

Extra absorbent diapers, like Merries baby diapers, do wonders for your sleep as they take a longer time to get fully soaked and you will need to change only when they are completely soaked so you will get more time for continuous sleep. However, they are more expensive so not feasible for daytime use.

5. Change When You Wake for a Feeding

Babies usually cry for feed in the middle of the night, so you should change the diaper when your baby gets up for milk. Always change the diaper before feeding or halfway through when you change sides and never after feeding as the baby will wake up them.

6. Apply a Diaper Rash Cream

Always apply a diaper rash cream when you change your baby's diaper as this lessens the contact with soaked diaper and baby's skin so there are fewer chances of getting a rash and also the diaper will last a little longer.

Remember to enjoy each and every moment with your baby, because soon you baby will escape your arms and enter the world. When your baby will get a little older then there will be no need to change diapers but one Merries diapers will be sufficient for the whole night.

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