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How to Deal with Thin Hair

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If Mother Nature has blessed you with thin and fine hair, then you can surely relate to the struggles that come along with fine and thin hair. Thin hair tends to flatten out and stick to your face if it's straight while if you have curly fine hair then it becomes frizzy.

But you need not worry as there are plenty of ways to add volume to thin and fine hair and make them look healthy, shiny and gorgeous. Read below to find these tips which you can easily incorporate in your daily life and hair care routine.

1. Change Your Parting

Whether you believe it or not but if you generally part your hair in one side or in the middle, then with time your hair becomes thinner in that side and becomes flat. Regularly flip your parting, if you part it in the middle, then try sideways, and if it's on left then try right and vice versa. Changing your parting will instantly boost up the volume in your hair.

2. Blow-Dry Upside Down

Try your hand at this technique and you will have fuller hair every day. After taking a shower, blow dry your hair upside down as this will open your cuticles from the ends and your roots will automatically lift your scalp and it will dry this way, giving you voluminous looking hair.

3. Try Extensions

If you have parties to attend or have important meetings, then you can purchase wholesale virgin hair and use them whenever needed. Make sure to buy wholesale virgin hair in the color which is matching to your hair and the texture looks natural. You can pin them up on top of your head and tie a sleek ponytail, or insert them inside your hair for healthy and fuller hair or even insert them into a sophisticated bun for a formal dinner. Wholesale virgin premium hair extensions are the easiest and best way to increase volume in your hair and make them look healthy and thick.

4. Get A Layered Cut

Another simple trick to get volume in your fine hair is to get it cut in a layered style. Make sure that the layers are starting from your forehead down towards the end as this style will instantly give a lift to your hair. The layers and steps will give your hair volume and make them look thicker.

5. Use Volume Building Products

Volume building shampoos, conditioners and hair masks are your best friend. Purchase a well-known brand and use volume building products only as they will surely add volume to your hair. The best way to apply products on thin hair is to start from the ends towards the roots as applying on the roots first will make them flatter.

6. Get It Colored

Adding color or dye to your hair will make them look fuller and thicker due to the reflection of the light.

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