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9 Bad Cycling Advices

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As a cyclist, you must be eager to hear some good advice from the experienced cyclists to improve your cycling. However, the following bad cycling advice is the ones you should not act upon:

1. Don’t Wear Gloves

According to some people, you shouldn’t wear gloves while cycling. However, this is a bad advice as gloves prevent sweats and blisters and also keep your hands safe if you have a fall. If you think you aren’t comfortable with gloves there is no issue, but anyway, there is no harm. Also, make sure that you get some good quality gloves. You can get amazing equipment at a good price during bike sales

2. Don’t Air Up Your Tires Before Every Ride

Whoever gives you this advice is the person who must have experienced a flat tire at least twice during the ride. It is always good to air up your tires according to your preferred psi before you go on a ride. It is always better to pump up the tires to be safe.

3. Never Eat During the Ride

Some cyclists suggest not eating during the ride as it is sort of cheating. This isn’t any hard and fast rule as eating when you’re hungry only helps you ride better. Will you enjoy your ride if you’re hungry and weak? Our advice is to eat whenever you feel hungry.

4. Mountain Biking Is Safer Than Road Riding

Mountain bike isn’t necessarily safer than road biking, in fact, it depends. For some people, mountain biking may be more dangerous especially if it’s a downhill with loose gravel and tree roots. If there are no cars, mountain biking can be safer.

5. It’s All About the Rider and Not the Bike

You must have heard this thing from many cyclists because according to them only a good rider can do the job. Let us tell you that cycling is a combined experience of the rider’s techniques, fitness, and the equipment too. A good quality bike that suits your style matters a lot. Even if you have a tight budget you can buy some good equipment through bike sales. 

6. Don’t Turn Your Bike Upside Down to Take Out the Wheel

If you’re a beginner, you’ll always feel comfortable in turning your bike upside down and taking the wheels out. However, the experienced ones will warn you that it can harm the saddle and the bars. Please don’t get worried as there is no issue at all.

7. You Need One Water Bottle Only

You’ll get many pieces of advice on carrying as much as accessories as possible. Carrying one water bottle is a minimalistic approach but it can cause more trouble to you if the weather is warm. You can take two water bottles of 21 oz. each to be on the safe side.

8. Stand on the Pedals When Climbing

Experienced cyclists might have already advised you to stand on the pedals while you’re climbing. However, if you feel tired it isn’t necessary to stand all the time, you can use a combination of standing and sit while climbing.

9. It Isn’t Necessary to Wear a Helmet

This is the worst advice anyone can give. Wearing helmet is very necessary for a rider to protect any type of head injury. Even if you’re riding alone and there is no chance of crashing with other cyclists, you must wear the proper cycling products like a helmet to prevent an injury if you fall down.

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