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What To Do With Broken Computers And Laptops

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Old stuff is hard to give up especially if its gadget bought after a lot of saving and hard work. Old laptops and computers fall in the line of those beloved gadgets that we find hard to discard even when they are broken and of no use to us. Here are some foolproof ways to repurpose your old and broken laptop and computers other than just appliance hauling and disposing of it. 

1. Use It as A Secondary Screen

Two is better than one. Well, the same rule can be applied to the old laptop’s screen. If your laptop is broken but the screen isn’t, you can detach it and connect it to your working laptop and make is a stand-alone screen. This can easily be achieved by detaching the LCD panel and attaching it to a controller board, using intractable. Having two screens can boost your productivity as well as your creativity – and it sure looks cool. 

2. Use the Hard Drive

If the hard drive is still intact then it can be used as an external hard drive even if the laptop is busted. All you need to do is find what kind of connection the laptop accommodates and find the case that adapts to it.

3. Sell the Parts Separately

If it’s completely broken and it's beyond repair, you can always sell the parts. It's profitable to sell the parts separately than selling the whole thing intact. 

4. Use It as a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Old and unused laptops can be turned into WIFI hotspots. They are best to be used where your Wi-Fi signals don’t reach like your basement or attic. 

5. Turn It into a Touchscreen

You can always turn your old laptop into a touchscreen tablet in just about $50. All you need is to watch a descriptive DIY and patience because it can be an easy but time-consuming process. You might also need a soldering iron and some handy tools. 

6. How About a Media Center?

Your old laptop can become a media center as well, and because of its slim figure you can easily slide it in and out at the back of your TV, and make it look like a million dollar.

Parts of the laptop and computer that can be taken apart and reused with another are Battery pack, Power supply cable and connector, RAM memory sticks, Hard drive, Optical drive, CMOS battery, Display monitor and CPU.

7. Retrieve Gold from It

A dangerous but totally worth putting your time into the project with an old laptop is retrieving Gold and other metals from the old PC or laptop. There are numerous DIY videos that show you exactly how to do, but to extract gold you will need liquids like nitric. The project is very dangerous and should be done with full caution.

8. Dispose of It Responsibly

Being responsible and recycling your old electronics is one other, very brilliant way to get rid of your old laptop… guilt free. It comes with the satisfaction of doing something good for the environment. Get the address of your nearest recycling facility or contact a donation pick up Long Island service.

There are a lot of things you can do with an old laptop if you have enough imagination and resources.

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