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How to Know If Your Microwave Is Going Bad

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If your food no longer remains warm and or cooked properly after punching the buttons on your microwave say the fifth time, let’s just say it is high time you say goodbye to your old one and welcome the new one!

But how would you know?! Read on and if you find these actions in your microwave then please prepare a eulogy and contact a microwave disposal NYC service for safe disposal.

1. You See Sparks or Smoke

Normally when a microwave is heating or cooking something, it does so without creating any type of flashing. So, if you see random sparks during the cooking period or heating one then it means your microwave is slowly losing its touch. If you smell smoke or food seems burnt then unplug your microwave immediately. Even in cases of sparks, they can cause a fire if not attended to properly. An indication of any means your microwave is breathing its last.

2. Your Food Takes Longer Time to Heat Up

One of the reasons why microwaves are preferred or bought is for their fast cooking or heating. If your one takes a longer time to heat your leftover pizza or milk then red signs should start appearing before your eyes. You can test this formula by heating a glass of water for two minutes in a microwave. If it comes out boiling then your microwave is good but if not, then you need to change it.

3. It Makes a Lot of Noise

While heating, the microwave is functioned to produced small humming sounds. So, if all of a sudden instead of a silent hum, there is a loud buzz or irrational sounds then you should start looking for a new microwave. Ignoring this one for too long can cause huge problems and in some cases manages to burn off the switch or plug itself so be very careful.

4. The Door Won’t Close Properly

The door of the microwave is one of the biggest giveaways when it comes to selecting a new microwave. The door is supposed to be closed completely or latched properly. If you find yourself banging the door twice or thrice to shut it completely or putting a duct tape over it to make sure it remains tightly clamped, then you should call the recycling company to take over your microwave while you purchase a new one.

5. The Keypads Won’t Work

The keypad of the microwave works most efficiently when it's newly bought and used. So if you find yourself punching the buttons harder than before or twice to make sure it follows the order then it’s time to pack it up. Keypads ensure efficiency so a broken one can be due to lack of cleaning. If that is ensured and still the keypad doesn’t work then something major is off.

6. It’s 10-year-old

An average microwave is supposed to work for nine years. If your microwave is older than ten years then you should consider changing it because sooner or later it is going to start creating problems.

So, if any of the above is true for your microwave, get help from a microwave disposal NYC service to get it removed and spend some money on buying a new piece of the microwave. Such kind of services like deck removal services help your home renovating DIY projects.

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