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Top 5 Questions About Change Of Ownership Of Telstra Services Answered

change of ownership Telstra
change of ownership Telstra
Change of ownership Telstra requires the filling of forms and contacting their services for confirmation without paying any fee except for business customers!

1. What does the change of ownership mean?

Change of ownership Telstra is technically a transfer of some services from one legal entity or the outgoing customer to another meaning the incoming customer. This is also done between organizations, or two friends or any other entity wanting to transfer their services to another. Once you’ve applied to it, you’ll no longer receive the bill and another such spectacle rather the one you’ve changed your ownership to, will start receiving it. It’s an easy process with no lengthy details or other forms of documentation which can take ages to complete!

2. What are the common reasons for such a service?

Reasons vary from person to person or company to company. Although there doesn’t need to be a reason if one simply wants to change their ownership in Telstra for unlimited international calls from mobile some of the usual ones are:

· Change of relationship or simple relationship matters

· Flatmate moving out or a roommate moving out and no longer being part of the service they acquired.

· Companies closing deals with each other hence requiring the change of ownership Telstra etc.

As mentioned, reasons vary and we can never be too sure of why the person is doing so, neither it is of our business. But the above mentioned are usually why majority people do so. 

3. Is there any disruption caused in services during the transfer?

No, no such disturbances have ever been noticed or complained of during the change of ownership Telstra. However, if there is a risk of such a thing then people are informed before. Normally when the transfer is done with, the service is usually turned off for 2 hours but that too seldom and if it occurs then the customer involved is informed beforehand of such circumstances. In case if consumer plans are involved then, however, the services remain off for about 5 days which is again seldom and the involved parties are warned beforehand so that no complications could arise for later onwards.

4. Is a new broadband account required after the transferor for the transfer?

No, no new broadband account is required for or after the transfer. If you wish to change your account after the transfer then you can do so, but it is not a requirement or a criterion of some sort. Similarly, if you’re planning to go for a transfer then you need not change your account or make a new one. All the services will be transferred directly to your name and account.

5. Is it important to lodge a change of ownership if your name changes?

No, it is not important neither is it a requirement in the first place. Usually, name changes because of a marriage or a divorce or sometimes by incorrect spellings etc. Either way, you do not require a change of ownership form. All you have to do is visit the Telstra store with your relevant information and everything will be settled by them!

You can find out more about this from their information center so good luck!

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