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How to Know If You’re an Empath

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Have you ever caught yourself in a situation where you find yourself suffocating from emotional distress? Or that you are too fragile and easily hurt? You take mostly every little thing on heart, even when your family and friends keep telling you to “not stress over it, it’s not worth it”? Well, chances are you may be an empath, however, not necessarily. As much as the traits of an empath are often times indicated as “too emotional” or “overly sensitive”, it is not always the case. 

There seems to be a stigma attached to this label that portrays an empath as an individual who is emotionally unstable and struggles to cope up with their exhaustive nature. Actually, truth be told, an empath can unleash the powers that can save lives by liberating individuals of their potential mental illness, but only if they are spiritually attuned. Some of the best energy healers are at most times empaths, who have excelled at channeling the negativity in their patients to a peace of mind. They are in possession of a natural talent and a very compassionate heart. 

To nourish your abilities and sustain a balance of emotions, you must seek advice from the best spiritual healer. But before that, you first need to recognize if you are an empath who needs spiritual healing. To recognize and accept that you’re an empath, see if you find your type is mentioned in the following:

1. Your friends turn to you when they feel like pouring out their feelings; Empaths are extraordinary listeners, their compassion for others is beyond comparison. You may be an empath if your friends keep telling you to not get overly attached to people, even though you don’t, you’re just a little touchy. 

2. You’d rather stay at home and watching binge-watching a TV show rather than go out on social gatherings. This may sound like an attribute depicting an introvert, but the Venn diagram of introverts and empaths is overlapped greatly. They feel more energized when alone.

3. Relationships intimidate you; the thought of getting overly attached to a person is your constant fear. You are afraid of getting your heart was broken by giving yourself too much and losing your identity at the cost of love-which either mean a lot to you or nothing at all.

4. City life is not meant for you. the car horns, polluted environment, crowded places, traffic jams etc. they either give you anxiety or you’d much rather be in a serene environment, where you have the freedom to enjoy yourself in the beauty of nature. Your senses react quickly to the unpleasantness of the environment, meaning you have highly tuned senses. 

5. You are easily intimidated by toxic people. Sounds familiar? Empaths are sensitive and are easily drained to their emotional stability. Sometimes they feel unworthy and unlovable just because some incredibly narcissistic jock believed them into it.

If you find yourself controlled by the above attributes, then we hope that you reach out to us, and join us on a tranquil voyage where our best energy healers not only restore but improve your spiritual balance. Your big heart deserves so much better.

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