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8 Cycling Maintenance Tips for Beginners

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Specialized bikes Australia prices
You need to take care of your cycle in every way possible. Most people are not aware of the things which can go wrong with the cycle. It is safe to say that the cheap cycles will have a lot of problems. The Specialized bikes Australia prices are not very high. You can get yours easily. 

Bike maintenance is not an inborn skill. You have to learn the basics to keep your bike going. You will need lubricant and lots of care for your bike. But apart from that, there are some other maintenance tips which every cyclist should know of. 

1. Greasing the Bike

You have to grease your bike if it is threaded. Your bike needs lubrication. You can do it once a week, or once a month. This will depend upon how frequent you ride. When lubricating the parts of your bike, you can wipe away the excess grease with a cloth. 

2. Disassembling the Bike

If you are disassembling your bike, you have to remember the order in which you disassemble the parts. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to assemble them back into their own position.

3. Checking Your Tires 

You have to keep your tires inflated at all times. Check the tires especially before going for a ride. This will help you minimize the chances of a flat tire while riding. You can also learn to change a flat tire. 

4. Checking the Crank Bolts 

Use a torque wrench to check the bolts at regular intervals. You can do it once a month. The Specialized bikes Australia prices are reasonable, so you can buy a new bike and check it bolts after every ride.

5. Are There Noises?

If you hear voices in your bike, never ignore them. Check the crank bolts and lubricate the threads to eliminate the noise. If the saddle is creaking, use a little oil on the rail where it is connecting to the saddle.

6. Keep the Drivetrain Clean 

It is crucial that you lubricate the drivetrain very often. Otherwise, your bike can make the rattling sound of a metal rubbing against a metal. It can shorten the life of your chain and sprockets. So, to save your money, use some bike oil on the drivetrain after cleaning it.

7. Do Not Over Tighten the Nuts and Bolts 

You have to keep the nuts and bolts tight at all times. But do not over-tight them. You have to do it almost regularly but do not lose the nuts or screws. It can be really annoying if you lose a screw which was holding your mudguard in place. The best way is to have a bag of spare nuts and bolts saved in your garage.

8. Fix A Flat Tube

You have to learn to fix a flat tube. You can do it with the help of a mechanic. But if you do not want to go out, you can simply learn this from YouTube because there are lots of good videos there. Once you learn the skill, you have to master it.

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