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How Do UV Light Water Purifiers Work

industrial water softner
industrial water softner
Ultraviolet water purification systems are used to kill viruses and bacteria from water and make it safe for use. Ultraviolet is a type of radiation. We are exposed to UV rays whenever we step out in the sun. In fact, these rays are responsible for causing sunburns. In this type of water purification system, electromagnetic energy of light is used to kill harmful substances present in the water. There are various microorganisms which are present in household water. They are responsible for causing illnesses. Some people believe that an industrial water softener is enough to make the water safe. But the softener will not kill germs while the UV purification system is known to kill 99.99% of bacteria present in water.

How Does It Work?

In the UV purification system, these rays are passed through your household water in order to attack the harmful pathogens. UV is basically a type of energy which is found in the electromagnetic spectrum. It lies in between X rays and visible light. These rays cannot be seen. 

In the process of UV purification of water, special lamps are used. These lamps emit UV light of a certain wavelength. These rays can disrupt the DNA of bacteria and viruses based on their wavelength. These ultraviolet light waves are also called germicidal spectrum. The Mercury vapor lamp is considered the best source of UV light. It is made from special quartz glass. 

The UV purification system uses the frequency of 254 nanometers (nm) to kill the microorganisms in water. As the UV rays come in contact with the water, the microorganisms are exposed to the light. This light rearranges their DNA/RNA, and make them unable to function or reproduce. That is how these microorganisms become ineffective because they cannot reproduce or infect other organisms.

There are many advantages of using a UV purification system. The water which is treated with UV radiation is odor free and does not taste bad. The working is not expensive because it does not require much energy to work. 

What Does It Kill?

The ultraviolet radiations are known to address the contaminants such as:

· Viruses

· Bacteria

· Cysts

· Salmonella

· E. coli

· Typhoid fever

· Polio

· Cholera

· Flu

· Dysentery

· Meningitis

· Infectious hepatitis

Is It Safe?

The water which is purified through ultraviolet radiation is safe for drinking. It is better than using industrial water softener. This purification system eliminates all types of contaminants from the water which can prove to be dangerous. They can even cause various horrible diseases. The industrial water softner will only reduce the number of minerals present in the water. Whereas UV purification system kills all the bacteria and viruses present in it.

This is an affordable system as it will only require the same energy as when you turn on a 60-watt light bulb. It does not use the chemical to disinfect water, so there are no chances of chemical poisoning. These lamps need a yearly replacement and are not very costly. The overall maintenance of the purification system is not much.

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