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Which Online Platform Should I Use For My Ecommerce Store?

best website designers
best website designers
There are a lot of online platforms for online commerce stores. The only problem is not knowing which ones to choose.

Best website designers recommend knowing the following things before picking an e-commerce business:

1. 3rd Party Payment Processing

PayPal is the largest payment processing entity in the world but due to some restrictions, not everyone can freely use it.

If you want to opt for payment methods other than PayPal, you need to search the appropriate e-commerce websites.

2. Large Stock Size

Best website designers recommend getting an e-commerce platform which charges the least amount of money and provides the largest stock size.

At this point, you have to improvise on a long-term strategy. Realize that with the passage of time, your inventory of product descriptions will grow. It is only fair that you get a platform which supports your stock size limit.

3. Hosted or Self-Hosted

You have both options. Either host the website yourself or the platform will host your website. Thankfully, most e-commerce stores provide the feature of modifying your store in the real time.

How will you pay for the platform?

Best website designers recommend getting a platform which charges short monthly amounts and avoids those platforms which charge a small percentage of your profit as a sales commission.

There are a lot of popular e-commerce platforms. Most popular ones are written below:

1. Shopify

The credit of having more than 120,000 customers goes to Shopify. Not a long while ago, they also won $100 million, as seed funds, so it is highly likely that their technical & business innovation will only grow at this point.

Shopify offers extremely targeted themes and add-ons to online books, clothes, and furniture selling stores. If you have a business in this category, get Shopify – End of debate!

Shopify’s starting plans are $14/month, while professional plans start at $79/month.

2. Volusion

Volusion enjoys a consumer community of 50,000+ e-commerce stores, attached with their website. Their shopping cart includes features of website designing, site optimization, online marketing and order processing. Disney and Motorola are their customers. 

Get Volusion if you have a business of bicycles, food items, and furniture as Volusion offers SSB (social store builder), affiliate marketing, plastic card processing with fraud protection.

3. WooCommerce

The best part about WooCommerce is that it is absolutely free but the challenging task is that how will you design your themes, layout and set up your e-commerce store?

As a newbie businessman, this may seem like a daunting task but once you put in your effort, it will be a piece of cake. Going with WooCommerce will save your initial costs of having a free website but to develop a blank website from scratch, you will need to hire best website designers who will charge a little fee for their skills.

They will provide market competitive themes and link your business strategy with interactive layouts, solidifying a reputable e-commerce store, which will fetch clients and help you earn money, growing your business to newer limits.

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