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11 Insightful Car Buying Statistics

best way to buy a new car
Do you know the best way to buy a new car? Most people don’t know about the necessary things to be done before purchasing any car. They either get the help of some friend, colleague or relative or look for the best car agents who can guide them. However, there are many people who do it with their own efforts. This post contains all the interesting car buying statistics and facts that will surprise you all. Let’s check all the interesting facts and statistics about car buying. This post will also help you figure out the best way to buy a new car. 
  1. 73% people who want to purchase a car wish that there should have been fixed prices of new and used cars so that they could not have to go to different places and negotiate to get their desired car. 
  2. 81% of customers who go for purchasing a car don’t make any deal and move away if the salesperson is aggressive. This is true in all professions that people don’t like aggressive and rude salespersons.
  3. 52% of clients who tend to purchase a car have no idea of what model they will be buying. They also don’t know what model is best for them and which kind of vehicle will best suit their needs. 
  4. 48% of people who plan to buy a car spend usually 1-3 months before they make any deal or purchase a car. This shows that they normally spend a lot of time on thinking, deciding and reaching any deal with the deal or salespersons.
  5. Interest has become a great source of help when it comes to purchasing anything new. With the help of the internet, you know the best way to buy a new car by searching online and doing your work. And 83% of all customers who go shopping a car research online in order to get help and complete details.
  6. 28% are those customers who want to buy a car consider both leasing and buying options. This shows they might be looking for a better way or option that could fit their needs.
  7. Whenever people come for buying cars, 91% of them bring someone else with them. This is very important to consider that it only happens where people are going to purchase expensive products and as cars are expensive for people so they don’t want to make any mistake.
  8. There are four major frustrations of every customer who wants to buy a car and these are as follows: dealing with a salesperson, spending time on the process, finding the right car and understanding financing.
  9. The studies show that 43% of people are loyal to one brand with whom they made any deal previously. This also shows that these people are going to stay with the same brand and make any next deal with the similar brand because they find them reliable and trustworthy.

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