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7 Traits of A Good Website That Visitors Like

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When designing a website, think from a visitor’s perspective. What good will be your website if people don’t like and spend time over it?

Here are the top traits of a good website.

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1. Content is King

Realize the golden rule that content is the king. Good websites invest deep in well-written content. 

This is important because when a person will visit your website, he will see the angle which you are trying to create through your content. If it is a mere spin or poorly written, copying what other websites on the internet have spewed all over, a person will make a bad image of this trait.

2. HD Images

It is always nice to see HD and UHD images on a website. The only downside is that better the image resolution = more time it will take to load

To perform good optimization of your website after integration of HD images.

3. Cross-Platform Integration

A lot of people try to access websites over smartphones and tablets and so, the ball is simply no longer inside the desktop platform.

To be the best, you have to take care of all platforms. Design your website according to all platforms.

4. Speed

The timespan of the younger generation is very less as compared to older generations. Majority of people will quit a website if it fails to load in under five seconds. 

Linking illustrations with examples:

Humans are visually oriented creatures and not everyone can read long paragraphs.

A person is much more likely to enjoy pictures/illustrations if they are portraying an example or concept of the website.

Use illustrations to clarify concepts of the audience.

5. Background Effects

The trend of upcoming websites suggests fancy advancements in terms of background. People these days try to dynamically alter the large supportive screen, on which lie the text, the illustrations, and other information!

An eye-appealing method is to change the background after certain navigations. Change the color, add animations, tilt – sway whatever you want! Just make sure that people would like it.

6. Easy Navigation

Sometimes is made up of very good elements but lacks an important holistic quality, which binds together all of the elements.

It is not easy to navigate. Compare this to an uncomfortable ride inside a multifunctional vehicle. The vehicle has everything but it is uncomfortable to you and so, you won’t feel good!

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7. Curiosity

Everyone likes surprises and sometimes, it is better if you don’t reveal everything, at once!

Some web developers display all functionalities on the basic, limited screen. With too much information exploding out of too little space, a person feels uncomfortable.

A good approach is to organize information into categories and hide them in generic thumbnails. You can also use animation to perform certain special effects.

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