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How To Get The Best Deal When Buying A New Or Used Car

how to buy a new car
how to buy a new car

How To Buy A New Car?

When you are ready to buy a new car be aware of scammers. There are plenty of them out there, main in form of selling an overpriced car or a car with bad history. But don’t worry. Read the following tips and master the art of getting the best deal and avoiding such situation.

1. Look Out for Multiple Options

Sometimes there are two cars of same color and model. However, dealer A is more expensive than dealer B. There is also a bank which is offering a similar repossessed car on moderate payment plans. Or a private seller selling a similar car at even lower prices. The options can be endless, hence do your research online. Learn what’s available out there first before closing a deal.

2. Don’t Get Emotional

Salespeople are known to hit upon your soft side — your emotions. They may sugarcoat you about how to buy a new car and how you can compromise but you have to make decision-based upon logic and rational basis.

3. Bargaining

Even if the car dealer says fixed price it does not hurt to ask if the dealer is interested in lower their prices. The worst they can say is NO.

When people are advising you about how to buy a new car and you are searching for multiple offers from multiple sellers, it is very important to ask for a lower price. Keep pushing until the dealer can go no further.

You might think that you are getting unfair for the dealer but think about the dealer’s perspective. He could have raised the price much higher than his profit, preparing for people who ask for discounts. Everything is possible and so, it does not hurt to ask for a discount.

4. Turning Down Dealer Accessories

Accessories or add-ons, as one describes them. Sometimes you want to buy a car and the dealer is trying to sell you a bunch of car related products such as rustproofing or detailing, trying to make his bread and butter of the day.

Promptly say no because you are only interested (at least pretend) in buying a car. With the removal of accessories, the base price of total expenditure will be low. Furthermore, it is very likely that you can buy the accessories cheaper elsewhere.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Walk Away

Sometimes the other party is under the impression that you are their sole option and they may try to manipulate you by ridiculous offers.

The best strategy is to take a firm ground and initially try to bargain. If they don’t listen to you, tell them you are not afraid to walk away from the deal.

They will, usually offer the best deal after this (drama). The point is to have a flexible mindset. Do not get attached to one car and always remember!

‘There are plenty of cars and dealers in the sea’

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