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Suzuki Alto 800 Review

Suzuki Alto price in Philippines
Suzuki Alto
Make your drive Free with Suzuki Alto 800. With the legacy spanning over fifteen years, no other car has been designed by understanding the needs of the driving. No car runs on the road better than this car. The Suzuki Alto price in the Philippines is not very high. 

It owns the ability to reap respect. It will surely turn the heads and will avail an awe park the car. It provides a firm ride to the driver by performance and power. The efficient car benefits with high performance. This is the robust, the lighter and the high-quality car. 


The supercar by Suzuki is a limited edition car designed with a comprehensive overhaul and is much faster, lighter and focused than any other vehicle. The fastest car will reach the 62mph before you take your name. It is a fire car with exceptional power. The results given by this car is simply tremendous. 


Suzuki has redeveloped the car. They have advanced the features of the existing car and have turned it into Suzuki Alto 800. The ultimate expression is a phenomenal car which lets you drive and observes the abilities and functionality of the vehicle. The perfect adjustments to the powertrain, body, and chassis, making it a superb performer. It is a reliable car at any speed. 

Engine and Mileage

The car owns the existing induction system with 12 valve and 6.5 liters V12. The valve has been modified with an aluminum block, and heads and port are available for fuel injection which produces additional 30bhp. The redesigned has also changed the exhaust system which is 26kg light in weight. You will reach 62mph in just 3.2 seconds, and it features the top speed of 212mph. 


The company has revised the Suzuki Alto price in the Philippines. The body of the car is also redefined. The front and the rear body of the car is designed in a way to provide better induction as well as cooling. Additionally, it also offers greater stability at maximum speed. The rear spoiler helps to create an additional downforce and limits the speed to 209mph. The architecture of the engine is eye-catching and is designed for the ventilation performance and aerodynamics. 


The estimated price of the car is not high. The Suzuki Alto price in Philippines is different for different specifications. The older models and used cars are available in low price. 


Despite the extreme styling, it offers a comfortable interior which is designed in a traditional format. It contains a large digital display which shows the gear choice. The additional buttons help to gain the grip on the steering wheel and the transmission tunnel. It is easy to handle. 

The four-wheel comfortable car will deliver its power to the road. 65 percent power from both axles features slips differentials. It features operated paddle manual. Despite the lightweight, the carbon fiber and the metallic finish of the car prove to be very pleasing. The efficient braking and an efficient tracking system are also fitted in the car.

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