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Why Are Landfills a Problem and How to Be Eco-friendlier?

How many times have you actually wondered where are the plastic, paper, and other waste material you conveniently get collected from your doorstep every morning goes?

Even if you have there has not been much you might have been able to do except for calling up expert clutter removal services to clean up your house at the cost of polluting the rest of the Earth. The unfortunate dilemma is that because of increasing living standards, populations, and industries, the number of landfill sites is increasing and there are not many safe alternatives we have.

Landfill Sites: The Ignored Dangers

To the common man it appears to be a common and cheap solution; get some heavy duty machinery, dig a hole in the Earth, keep filling it up with waste and forget about it. But there are a number of considerations which need to be made before deciding a site, which includes:
  • Closeness of the site to the urban area it is meant to serve
  • Ease of reaching it with large vehicles suited for the purpose 
  • Other habitats in the vicinity, including villages and forests

This is where the sites become a problem:

1. Upset Natural Balance

By digging so many holes into the Earth you are making way through the ground that should not have been toyed around with.

2. Pollution

Having so much dump in one place can be quite an issue for any form of life near it because nobody can survive for long near a massive hump of trash, not even trees. The land pollution can make the land infertile and even toxic if the kind of waste in the site is not regulated before pouring in.

3. Methane Blasts

As you dig through the ground, the first layer of the natural layer will hit you, and if you are not careful with the blasts through the ground the natural retaliation can be devastating for the entire crew around.

How to Reduce Landfill Sites?

The only way to fill in for landfill sites is to search up for alternatives, and the international community has been trying to find safe alternatives for quite a number of years. The only immediate options available to most of the countries are the ones below, but they come with costs of their own.

I. The Ocean

The fact that 79% of the world is made of water should automatically mean, that we have the freedom to dispose of as much waste as we went into it. But in that process, we forget the marine life which is dependent on the salinity and acidity of the water being at a certain level beyond which they cannot sustain life in there.

This has resulted in many countries imposing strict controls and checks into disposing chemicals into the ocean, while others continue to relentlessly do so.

II. Incineration

The rise in global temperatures can very well be attributed to the uncontrolled burning of trash, which is a major source of air pollution. It is, however, one of the only viable alternates.

According to junk removal services and recycling professional, the best approach perhaps is work with a combination of these common ways to produce the least harmful results.

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