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Buy Cheap Game Keys for Mad Max and You'll be Guaranteed Maximum Fun!

Mad Max - Cheap Game Keys - Web Journal

Fan of the 2015 movie? This one's for you!

To quickly put down your nagging inquiry: No, this is not a video game based on the underdog hit Mad Max: Fury Road starring Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron. But this is the game you should buy cheap game keys for if you absolutely loved that movie. Or simply love cars and anything related to it. Or just video game warfare itself.

Mad Max is a product of Avalanche Studios, released the same year as the acclaimed film by George Miller. And the decision to not make the game a direct tie-in to the film or a direct adaptation of it paid off for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the game's publisher and the subsidiary of the film's distributor. The game received mostly positive reviews from other video game critics, with most of the praise directed at its vehicular combat.

Like the film, though, Mad Max is also set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. So, if you are a big fan of the film's dry wastelands, now would be a good time to buy cheap game keys for this game, which will allow you to revisit the same dry world.

Playing as the titular character, you have the chance to explore the game's open world structure. There are notable structures that can be found in the game world, which is divided into regions. If you want to get a deeper look into the state of the game world before it became the endless desert that it is, you can do so by collecting history relics scattered throughout the game. Although firearms are present for use in the game, there isn't much ammo to spend. Most of the time, you'll be relying on melee attack to take down enemies.

Mad Max1 - Cheap Game Keys - Web Journal

Buy Cheap Game Keys for Mad Vehicular Warfare

The main draw of the game that will instantly get you to buy cheap game keys is the vehicular action. You have access to Max's garage where you can freely customize your beloved vehicle, the Magnum Opus. Almost everything can be modified to fit your preferences, from the chassis itself down to the paint job. Do note, however, that modifying Magnum Opus is not just for aesthetic purposes. Changing the makeup of your vehicle has its consequences that may affect the performance. You may choose to upgrade your vehicle's engine for a more powerful burst when going after your enemies at the cost of having difficulty in controlling it.

Vehicular combat wouldn't be complete without the weapons. You can outfit Magnum Opus with an assortment of weapons, like flamethrowers and cannons. And for those of you worrying that the game will only use an auto-target system in regards to the vehicle's weapons, which can take away the fun of it, you don't need to drop a sweat because the game allows you to manually control the weapons. You can drive your car and take control of your weapons, too. The game accomplishes this by entering a slow-motion state as you switch between targets.

If you fell in love with the 2015 film, which is noteworthy of a few Oscar nominations, then you'll definitely have tons of fun in this game after you buy cheap game keys for it! And, thankfully, Mad Max is just a simple browse away.

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