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Different Types of Bathroom Shower Heads

bathroom shower heads

You ought to begin narrowing down your choice by deciding on the type you are in need of. Would you like to have a top mount unit or standard wall mount? Do you want it to be fixed or handheld? Each and every of them has their own advantages.

You will find a number of different bathroom shower heads that are basically design to cater the individual preferences and requirements. The types of different bathroom shower heads are also built to fit various budgets and configurations. Different types of bathroom shower heads includes the following:

1. Rain Shower Heads.
2. Standard wall mounted bathroom shower heads.
3. More advanced types of shower head models with LED Lights and Bluetooth

Wall Mounted:

Wall mounted bathroom shower head is considered as one of the most popular and well – known type of shower head. This kind of bathroom shower head comes almost in every house. If you do have a wall mounted bathroom shower head already, then it will surely allow you to improve yours with a brand new model and with an excellent design with excellent quality. One of the most attractive features of this wall mounted bathroom shower head is its finish. It can be polished satin, chrome, oil rubbed bronze or other.

The next feature that you have to consider when buying a wall mounted bathroom shower head unit is the type of spray pattern you would like or prefer. It can have a single spray pattern. On the other side, it can also have a multiple spray patterns. For your kind information be informed that, the spray patterns include pulsating, wide, mist and concentrated patterns. A massage effect is created by the pulsating and concentrated patterns. I hope you got my point. So, that’s all about a quality wall mounted bathroom shower head. People nowadays are badly looking for this type of shower head.

Rain Shower Heads:

Well, the rain shower heads are mainly designed to recreate the actual feeling of standing outside in the rain. You’re dipped in drops of water, which produces a unique showering experience. In general, this type of bathroom shower head comes with quite large shower heads for huge water dispersal over the body you have. This kind of bathroom shower head also comes in a wide variety of finishes, therefore you can discover one that would perfectly match with the decoration of your bathroom. Usually, the rain shower heads do not offer various spray patterns. But if you are looking for a shower head with a more gentle water flow when compared with other traditional shower heads, then you must choose it.

By picking this type of shower head as your bathroom shower head, you’re also choosing a ceiling mount of the shower head unit. This actually provides the regular flood of water falling from the above. This kind of installation is consist of a couple of options. You are allowed to either install an extension arm and then hang the shower head on it or you can install the shower head directly onto the ceiling.

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