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Review of a Quality Women down Jacket

Patagonia Bivy Down Jacket at Gear Trade

In this article, I will basically introduce my readers to the most popular women down jacket named “BivyDown Jacket – Women’s Crater Blue, M – Excellent”. For your kind information, this jacket is pretty much popular all over the world because it is quite durable and stable. So that you will surely be able to use this jacket for a very long time. No doubt about that. Again, the price of this jacket is also pretty much affordable. It actually doesn’t matter what kind of online store you choose for purchasing this jacket; the price of this jacket is almost same in every other store.

Let’s take a look at the features of this women down jacket. Hope you will like this product after reading all the features.

Features of this Women's Down Jacket


Well, the actual price of this women down jacket is US $108.97 which is quite okay I think. Actually, the price I mentioned here is mainly the price of Gear Trade. That means, if you are willing to purchase this jacket from Gear Trade, then you will surely get this item at that price. I wouldn’t mind if you keep your eyes on other online stores in order to check the price of this jacket but I am quite sure that you will never find much more difference. However, to make it easy, I must suggest checking this product's price on Patagonia's main site and another very well-reputed online outlet shop i.e. Steep and Cheap. Even after offering huge price off, USD 174 and USD 124.50 is the last prices respectively which is much higher than the Gear Trade.

Keep one valuable thing in your mind that as Gear Trade is an online based outdoor gear store, so they will not allow you to make payment in cash. In order to make payment through online, you have to use your visa card. If you don’t have a visa card, then probably you may need to use your master card. If you really don’t have any of these, then you may need to take help from your friend. If you don’t have any knowledge or idea about making payment through online, then it’s better to take help from someone who has plenty of knowledge regarding this matter.

Brand & Model:

“Patagonia” is considered as the brand of this women down jacket where “Bivy down Jacket” is considered as the model. Whenever you are going to purchase a jacket, you have to remember a number of essential things in your mind. First of all, you have to manage much more time to choose the right jacket for your own because failing to do so may allow your money to go under the deep sea.


This jacket is mainly designed for women.


This jacket for women can be found in “M” size.


The color of this jacket is crater blue.

Recommended Use:

Casual wear.

Claimed Weight:

The claimed weight of this jacket is 29.5 OZ.

These are some of the very common features of this women down jacket. From the features I mentioned in the above, it is totally clear as daylight that this jacket could be an excellent option for those who are looking for a quality down jacket for female. It might be difficult to find quality women down jacket nowadays but Gear Trade will always assist you with quality products. That’s all for today and thanks for reading this short review article. Hope you liked this item.

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