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Review of Pana Halle Pant in Coal 8 Tall

Prana Halle Pant - Cheap Hikinh Pants at Gear Trade

This article will mainly talk about one of the most famous hiking pants named “Pana Halle Pant in Coal 8 Tall”. At present, people from different parts of the world are badly in search of quality hiking pant but most of the time they fail to choose the right one for their own. However, kindly take a look at this item and hopefully the features of this item might match with your requirements.

Let’s take a look at its features.

Features of this Cheap Hiking Pant


Well, the price of this hiking pant is US $40 which is quite affordable. In general, if you take a look at the price of this type of hiking pant in other different online stores, then you will discover that it’s pretty much higher than the price I mentioned here. However, this is the cost of Gear Trade, I mean if you are willing to purchase this hiking pant from Gear Trade, then you will get it at that price. Whenever you are going to purchase anything from online, don’t forget to check the reputation of that online store. This is very important. Though it’s a matter of sorrow but the truth is most of the people nowadays are simply getting cheated by different online stores. So before going to checkout, please try following the reviews and feedbacks of your chosen online store for at least one time. And one more thing I also need to remind you that as Gear Trade is an online based store, you have to make payment through online. There is actually no option of making payment in cash. As you need to make payment through online, you must need to have a visa or master card at least. Otherwise, you won’t be able to buy anything from this store. Keep it in your mind. In that case, you may have to depend on someone. For example, you may have to request someone to provide you the details of his / her credit card information so that you can buy your item from Gear Trade.


“PrAna” is considered as the brand for this hiking pant. Before going to buy any item from online, you have to make sure one thing that the item you are going to buy is really very high in quality. Otherwise, after a few days you may need to buy the same item again which will be absolutely nothing but the wastage of your money and time. And one more important thing is, always try your level best to buy branded items. For example, people nowadays fully depend on “PrAna” when it’s time to buy hiking pants. Different brands are popular for different items. So before going to buy an item, you also need to have clear knowledge about different popular brands for different items. Hope you got my point.


“Halle” is the model of this hiking pant. This is another reason behind the popularity of this hiking pant.


It’s mainly a type of women’s hiking pant.


It can only be used by women. Not too perfect for men.


8 tall.


If you are quite ready to buy this hiking pant from Gear Trade, then you will find it in an excellent condition.


1. This hiking pant is wonderful and stylish.
2. It fits nicely.
3. Quite comfortable to wear.
4. It’s simply superb for hiking.
5. Also perfect for casual wear.
6. You will find no tears, stains, or visible marks from wear.
7. Size is also perfect.


1. A few people claimed that this hiking pant did not fit well for them.

For those who are badly in search of a quality hiking pants for women but still now don’t find any, this item could probably be an excellent option for them. I already mentioned all the features and benefits of this hiking pant and most importantly, it is pretty much cheaper than other hiking pants. So now the decision is yours. Anyway, thanks for reading this article.

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