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Review of a Cool Backpack for Women

cool backpacks for women - City Backpack Black ‘Ivy’

In this article, I will mainly introduce you with one of the most famous and quality cool women’s backpacks women referred to as “City Backpack Black ‘Ivy’ “. So this article is going to be very useful for those who are truly in search of some quality cool backpacks for women. However, please take a look at this article to gather some more knowledge about the quality of the item I stated in the above.

Let’s take a look at its features.

Features of this Women's Leather Backpack Purse


To be honest, the original cost of these cool backpacks for women is US $98.97 which is perfectly alright I think. If you are willing to purchase this type of product from Chesterfield Bags, then you will be provided with a certificate of five years. So in this case, I think there should be no question about the cost. As they are giving you the warranty of five years, so I think there should also be no question about the quality of their products. So without any kind of hesitation it can simply be said that the cost is quite affordable for the quality you are getting actually. However, as Chesterfield Bags is a web-based store, you need to make payment by making use of your card or PayPal account. But remember one thing that you won’t be able to make payment in cash since they are an online based store. Chesterfield Bags provides a number of payment methods for their customers. At first, you can use your PayPal account for making payment. But one thing I need to mention that if you want to open an account in PayPal, you must require a MasterCard or Visa card at least. Otherwise, you won’t be able to make your PayPal verified. Don’t forget it.

Premium quality leather of this cool backpacks for women at The Chesterfield Brand

Premium Quality Leather:

At present, lots of online stores assure that they will provide you the products having premium quality leather but it’s really very tough to keep faith in them. They might not be able to prove or show their skill in their work. However, it would be really great if you keep faith on Chesterfield Bags for the same reason. You will surely be glad to know that all the items of this great online store made up of premium quality leather and for this reason, this online store is quite popular over the entire world.


This cool backpack for women can mainly be found in three colors. They are given as below.

1. Brown.
2. Cognac.
3. Black


1. This cool backpack for women has two (2) inside compartments to store your valuables and a simple access zip pocket on the front.
2. Can be available in three different colors mainly. The first one is brown, the second one is black and the third one is cognac.
3. Stylish waxed pull-up leather was used to design this backpack. Well, the waxed pull-up leather is basically characterized by its soft feeling and 2 tone color effect.
4. This product is made up of premium quality leather which simplifies that you will be able to use this product for quite a long time.
5. These kinds of cool backpacks for women comes with a warranty certificate through which you will be able to claim your warranty quite easily.


1. A bit costly for the quality you are getting actually.

Needless to say, all these features and benefits I mentioned in the above, simply make this backpack a lot more popular over the entire world especially its feature premium quality leather. However, I would like to share another review of this awesome women's backpack where you may find some more detail information that can help you to judge. So it’s really wise not to waste a single second by sitting idly at your house and it’s the appropriate time to buy this cool backpack for women as a gift for your sister, female friends, and your girl – friend or even for your spouse.

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