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Review of Best Shower Sprayer Attachment


This article will be a great source for them who are badly seeking for the best water filter for the shower. Honestly speaking, it’s quite hard at present to get the best water filter for the shower but if you try your level best, then you will surely achieve it. However, in this article now I am going to introduce you with the top most popular shower sprayer attachment popularly known as “RAINMAKER – 7 SPRAY FILTERED SHOWER WITH FACIAL MISTER”. First of all, I will discuss about the features of this water filter for the shower and after that, I will provide the pons, cons, and some other different benefits one by one. Anyway, let’s notice at its features first.

Features of this Best Water Filter for Shower:

Reduces Rust Water:

This water filter for the shower is mostly popular because it has the ability to reduce rust water. Rust water is mainly known as iron oxide and of course, it is quite hazardous to our health. However, besides reducing rust water, this shower sprayer attachment at the same time reduces hydrogen sulfide and unwanted odors totally from the water. Hydrogen sulfide is also known as sulfur smells which could be quite bothering for anyone. So overall, this water filter for shower eliminates three things from the water. The first one is sulfur smells (hydrogen sulfide), the second one is rust water (iron oxide) and the third one is serious odors. Additionally, it reduces scale build up on tiles as well as glass. Most importantly, it assists pH in balancing the water.

Light – Weight:

This shower sprayer attachment or the best water filter for the shower is quite light in weight. So that it will be quite easier for you to carry.For this reason, you don’t have to spend lots of energy to carry and probably you won’t face plenty of troubles during installing this shower head.

Perfect for Bathing Children:

If you are badly searching for such type of shower filter that will help you to bath your children, then you should choose this best water filter for the shower without any kind of hesitation. Just to inform you that, this shower sprayer attachment is not just ideal for bathing children, but also perfect for seated showers.


1. Special facial mist setting for the elimination of creams, cosmetics, and oils.
2. The good news about this shower head is it has already been certified by NSF for chlorine removal.
3. It consists of a sturdy – grip handle.
4. Helps pH balance the water.
5. Provides both stationary as well as handheld positions.
6. Great for bathing children.
7. Great for seated shower.
8. Very light in weight.
9. The cartridge is both replaceable and reversible. It lasts for three months.
10. It also includes patented high – performance copper zinc filtration media and chlorine.
11. Eliminates odors.
12. Eliminates hydrogen sulfide (sulfur smell).
13. Eliminates iron oxide (rust water).


1. As the price is quite inexpensive for the quality you are getting, a few people still have questions about the quality of this product. Generally, a majority of people think that if they get a product at the cheapest price, they will also get the cheapest quality from that product. For this reason, some people think like this.

After taking a look at all these features and benefits, I think one shouldn't have any doubt about the quality. However, to make more sure of it, you can have a look on another review of this shower sprayer attachment. For more information, please pay a visit to the site of “Shower Filter Store” and you will probably get more details about this product from the site.

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