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Want a more "friendly" combat system? Buy Cheap Game Keys for Mirror's Edge games and fight with fists!

Cheap Game Keys for Mirror's Edge games

Weapons galore

People who buy cheap game keys for video games are always treated with characters that use weapons in one form or another, whether they are melee or ranged. And characters are arguably a lot cooler wielding weapons, especially when equipped with their so-called 'ultimate weapon' or the strongest weapon available to them. The weapons add more to the character, both in aesthetic and personality, i.e. a character wielding a badass-looking giant hammer gives the impression that he or she is one tough and rugged individual, and a character sporting sneaky concealed daggers suggests to the player the he or she is a shadowy or stealthy figure.

Weapons like swords, axes, spears, bow and arrows, and other medieval weapons are usually found in role-playing games, whereas guns and other high-tech weaponry are commonly found in action-adventure and shooter games that people can buy cheap game keys for. Guns are a bit less in the aesthetics and are more on the effects like rapid fire, spread shots, and destructive napalm-like shots. They are mainly chosen depending on the player's combat preferences instead of how cool they look like compared to, let's say, a futuristic-looking broadsword.

There is one weapon, in the very sense of the word, which does not get much love from players: fists. Fists are usually equipped with knuckles or claws, but the designs are not easily recognizable since they are usually small. Not counting fighting games, fists are usually the least used weapon. But what if the player is forced to use a character that only has bare fists as their weapon? Will it be cool enough for them? Well, if that character is Faith Connors from Mirror's Edge and its sequel Mirror's Edge Catalyst, players would be hard-pressed to argue the badass factor.

You only need to buy cheap game keys to kick ass with Faith Connors

The Mirror's Edge games that people can easily buy cheap game keys for is notable for its combat and movement mechanics that is based in parkour. Players can traverse around the game world using an assortment of acrobatic moves. But the combat system is where the weapon-less style of Faith Connors is on full display, if players decide to engage enemies instead of completely avoiding them. The acrobatic parkour moves of Faith Connors are seamlessly integrated in the system, making it more fluid and smooth with every jaw-breaking punch. The fact that the games are presented in a first-person perspective enhances the hand-to-hand experience for players, making them intimately aware of the damage they are doing to poor enemies.

Mirror's Edge allowed the use of firearms very briefly, but the sequel completely eradicates the use of it. When discussing notable fist-using characters in non-fighting games, players immediately think of the gorgeous and equally dangerous Tifa Lockhart from Final Fantasy VII. Now they have another name they can easily associate with badass hand-to-hand skills: Faith Connors. Buy cheap game keys of the Mirror's Edge games and beat enemies to a pulp with bare hands.

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