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Pilot Badass Mechas with a Simple CD Key Search

Titalfall CD key Search at Game Key Fox


Mecha. Mecha Everywhere

Whenever someone mentions the Asian country of Japan, there are a handful of things that people immediately think of, depending on their preferences in life. The traveler types will immediately think of destinations or tourist spots like Mt. Fuji or the cherry blossom fields. The food enthusiasts will think of sushi and ramen. But for the geeky types, two things quickly come to mind: anime, and video games, which people can easily do a CD key search for.

In anime, shows can generally be categorized into two: mecha and non-mecha shows. The former are shows that prominently feature robots -- the technical term -- in various forms, shapes, and sizes. The latter, well, does not feature any. Mecha animes are also further segregated into two categories: shows that feature 'real robots' and shows that feature 'super robots'.

Real robots are mecha that have at least tried to be more grounded and are loosely based on existing technologies. Examples of real robot animes are the Gundam series -- most of them -- and the VOTOMS series. These types of shows feature small or medium-sized mecha and are equipped with believable weapons like rail guns, missiles, and laser cannons. The Gundam series alone has a wide selection of video games that gamers can find with a simple CD key search.

Super robots, on the other hand, are mecha that borders on fantasy and magic. These mecha are super-sized and have an arsenal that sometimes include medieval giant swords powered by lightning and energy balls fired in Hadouken style. Examples of super robot animes are Mazinger Z, Voltes V, and Getter Robo.

For the die-hard mecha fans, they might be familiar with the Japan-only Super Robot Taisen series of video games which pit mechas from different animes in a strategic turn-based strategy gameplay. For the less inclined, they may be more familiar with the Armored Core series, either way, both of which can be experienced with a thorough CD key search.

Titalfall CD key Search at Game Key Fox


Titanfall: The Game you should be doing a CD Key Search for

The aforementioned video game series, however, only allow players to take to the field already riding or piloting their mecha. The pilots are mostly relegated during intermissions when customizing and/or repairing their machines. Other than that, the pilots don't have a significant part on the battlefield, at least physically. Well, Titanfall changes that in a big way.

Titanfall is a shooter game that allow players to play as soldiers AND pilot mechas on the battlefield. As soldiers, the gameplay is similar to most first-person shooter games. But when the Titans are summoned into battle, after a set amount of time, the gameplay and strategies change. Not only do players control the Titans as they try to feast on those small soldiers on the ground that don't have their Titans ready yet, they can also remotely control them to act as cover fire, sentries, or even decoys. These mechas can easily turn the tide to the player's favor, with all the firepower that they come with.

Titanfall is an action-packed video game that will make mecha fans drool and whoop around whenever they summon their Titans into battle. All of the fun can be had with a quick CD key search at the best game key comparison sites.

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