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Important Tips to become a Professional Taxi Service Provider in Paris

Professional Taxi Service Provider in Paris
It’s quite important for you to keep your cab clean. For the purpose of cleaning your cab, what you can do is to purchase soap or detergent from the shop. At present, there are different soaps and detergents are available for washing the vehicles. So just choose any one from there and then start cleaning. It’s actually not so necessary to clean your cab everyday but you must need to clean it once in a week or twice in a month. That means you have to clean on every 15 days. Attraction is also very important. Truly speaking if your taxi looks quite attractive, then you will get plenty of passengers, no doubt.

Try your level best to inform your passengers 30 minutes prior to start journey. By showing this kind of attitude, you will be able to prove that you have an excellent timing sense. There are plenty of benefits if you inform your passengers 30 min before starting journey. They will take enough time to prepare. At the same time, you can also prepare yourself for taking new passengers. Make sure that your driving license, social security card are available at your cab.

Stay calm as much as you can. You need to behave well with the passengers. This is highly important. Never ever curse at other drivers / traffics. This is not good. Try your best to co-operate the passengers. Try to be nice to them. If you get a foreigner as a passenger of your taxi, then try to be helpful and informative person to him / her. Don’t try to cheat with the fare of your taxi.

Try to be courteous or thankful always. When your passenger enters into your cab, you must say “Good Morning” or “Good Afternoon” or” Good Evening”. Avoid bargaining badly.

Never talk over the phone when you are driving your taxi. This is extremely harmful for you. Most of the car accidents happened before just for this reason. So if you have the habit of talking while driving, then change it immediately. I am actually not sure how many of you will read this content but try sharing this message with your friends and relatives. In this way, you can easily save thousands of life. Reading some very good safety tips may help to educate yourself in this regard.

Professional Chauffeur driven Taxi Service Provider in Paris

If the traffic notices that you are talking while driving, then it is quite sure that they will take no time to penalize you which will not good for you. Even they have the right to suspend. If you really think that you must need to answer the call, then stop the cab in a safe side and then start talking with the person. At the end of your conversion, tell your partner that you will be now going to drive the cab and request him / her not to call you again.

You can still observe the situation of the street or the movement of different vehicles when you are talking over the phone. But what will happen if you want to read the text come from your friend or others? Don’t dare to do that. You will be taken immediately by GOD. 

I got some drivers in Paris in times of returning from CDG to Paris center because we were total 15 numbers. However, all the drivers we hired from CDG were too good. They know how to behave with the foreigners and they are also very helpful and co-operative. By the way, CDG stands for Charles De Gaulle airport and this is the international airport in Paris. However, CDG airport is also known as Roissy airport and it is considered as the largest airport in France. Paris CDG airport handled 62,052,917 passengers and 497,463 aircraft movements in the year of 2013 and it is the eight largest airport in the world and second busiest airport in Europe.  Even we didn’t bargain with the drivers for the fares because each of us notice the fare chart inside the taxi and so that it was easier for us that time to calculate without taking any kind of help from calculator. It takes around 49.92 Euro from CDG to Paris Center. The price is almost similar like the CDG to Paris center if you want to visit Eiffel Tower. But it is lower if you want to move from CDG to Gare du Nord. Aim to visit the Paris Center at first and enjoy the immeasurable beauty of it especially at the night time.

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