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Call of Duty: Black Ops III is Calling Every Gamer to Buy CD Keys Online, Pronto!

The latest in a line of excellence

Another year, another Call of Duty video game. Now, don't roll those eyes and drop those sighs, this 2015 installment in the acclaimed franchise is not just your usual annual upgrade: there's a lot more to it that perfectly warrants you to buy CD keys online for it.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III holds the distinction as the first in the Black Ops sub-series to be available to eight-generation home video game consoles, and the graphics of the game is a prime example that the developers, Treyarch, did not hold back when utilizing the next-gen consoles' hardware power. From the beautifully-rendered motion capture performances down to the tiniest hint of sunlight, the graphics of the game is as realistic as it gets.

Buy CD keys online and play together with your friends

Perhaps the biggest addition to the series to truly get fans to buy CD keys online for Call of Duty: Black Ops III is the option to play cooperatively during campaign mode. Get three of your closest Call of Duty friends, bust out those sodas (or beer) and chips, and organize the most friendship-threatening cooperative multiplayer session since the days of Contra! And to make things more fun for you and your friends, the game allows the customization of characters to make them a true representation of the player's preferences. Of course, if you don't want to lose friends over the cooperative gameplay, you can just grab a partner online, but be ready to be showered with insults and curses for every bullet you waste.

Boosted movement

If you're holding back to buy CD keys online for this game because of memories about too linear corridor maps, then that's about to change. The maps in the game have all been designed to be more open and less claustrophobic like in previous games in the series. Players will no longer be confined to small places with very limited movement options. And how does the game help players in traversing the newly designed maps? By giving them thruster packs that can be utilized from making short jumping boosts, to achieving the player's Spider-Man dreams of wall climbing. And all the while the player's gun control is unaffected, so worries about having to trade maneuverability for a better aim is out of the window.

It's your duty to buy CD keys online for this game

For those who prefer shooter games that feature zombies as the main bullet target, Call of Duty: Black Ops III also caters to that need to mindlessly shoot the living crap out of poor undead slugs by retaining the separate zombie campaign from its predecessors. The game features an all-new zombie-focused campaign that follows a group of once-criminals as they are pitted against hordes of flesh-eating monstrosities.

If those drool-worthy features are not enough to coax you to buy CD keys online for this awesome game, then... no, those features SHOULD be enough already to get you to open your wallet! I mean, zombies and booster packs in a military-based futuristic game? Come on!

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