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Questions Related To Adoption Laws Florida!

Child adoption in florida

Like adoption laws in any other state, the laws are very strict in Florida. No court takes the case of adoption lightly. After all, risk of kid’s whole life is involved in any adoption case. The court has the responsibility to conduct complete investigation on prospective parents and their lives. The court only has one aim, the best interests of the kid.

So, that’s why the state has composed strict adoption laws Florida.

This article has been devised to some most frequently asked questions related to adoption laws Florida. These questions are commonly asked, but rarely answered for the general public. But you will find answers here.

Who can adopt the kid? Apologies, this question is frequently asked and answered. But what people are unaware of persons who are not eligible for adoption. A single adult or couple who is married, stable enough to provide shelter with good lifestyle is eligible to apply for adoption. But gay couples are not allowed to file for adoption. But LGBT singles can apply for adoption.

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Sometimes, kids living in foster home have no idea about their real parents. For adoption, the consent of real parents is needed. To find real parent, do not ever try to advertise. Otherwise, you will face major legal risks.

People mostly asked about using the services of paid attorneys or agencies. In that case, look for attorneys and agencies who have licensed to charge for such services. Otherwise, avoid that.

People always get confused about the timing of consent signing. If a kid is younger than 6 months, the birth mother may sign the consent after 48 hours of birth or discharging from the hospital. Whichever the event is earlier. In case of a father, after birth, he can sign non paternity affidavit anytime. In case kid is 6 months old, both parents can sign papers for surrendering paternal rights.

summary of child adoption law & guideline

Can consent be revoked? Another important question! Well, once the paternity rights have been surrendered, the decision is irrevocable. There is one exception to that case. In case there is intention of fraud from another party, the adoption may be revoked if fraud get proved.

Adoption procedure takes some time. And some people have no idea how much it takes. Once the biological parents have surrendered the rights or the court has terminated the paternal rights. The placement of the kid will be finalized. Within 60 days of termination, adoptive parents should file petition to the clerk of the court. Remember that, after petition, it will take 90 days for the final verdict since termination. Make sure to provide necessary documents and evidences to have verdict in favor of you.

child adoption process in Florida

Do social workers and agencies continue the home study after placement? Majority of people does not know that even after placement of the kid in adoptive home. The Social workers and agencies continue the duty or looking for the adoptive home. They make sure everything goes in interests of the adopted kid by making occasionally visits and counseling.

One thing is sure from all the questions and answers, in this whole adoption process. The kid is the center point of everything. Whatever will be happening, it is gonna be beneficial for the kid.

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